Ice Rentals (September – March)

Looking to host a corporate outing, night out with some friends, or a family get-together? The Sutherland Curling Club is here to help you!

We’ve got great ice, a safe and welcoming atmosphere, and all of the equipment you need, why go anywhere else?

In order to check date availability for your event, please donโ€™t hesitate to contact for more information!

Note: Ice rentals are only available from September to March.

Hall Rentals (April – July)

Are you looking for a great wedding or event venue? Look no further!

With the ice area being open, you are able to decorate and host the event of your dreams! The Sutherland Curling Club is an extremely popular venue for weddings and special events as it has ample parking, an open environment, and great rates!

To book or check availability, donโ€™t hesitate to contact for further details!

Note: Hall rentals are only available from April to July.