Curling Club Closed

Sutherland Curling Club Closed till January

As has been the case since March of this year plans are ever changing and we must adapt with the changes.  As we are all aware Covid 19 cases are on the rise and are putting a strain on our health care workers and systems.

As well we also know, SHA has put a pause on all team sports until at least the 17th of December.  With the still rising number of cases the Executive as well as Gene and myself met to discuss our options at this time and felt that the SHA will more than likely “Pause” the team sport into the New Year.

Here is a bit of an excerpt from President Dean Kleiter’s message to the board.

“The executive met with Dwayne and Gene last night to discuss best case scenarios moving forward.  With the cases on the rise and the next two (2) weeks not sounding great we felt we should revisit our original plan.”.

Three options were discussed and the following option will be implemented;

Turn the ice plant off and heater down.  Let mother nature keep the ice frozen until we decide to start up again.  Save probably $7,000 per month on utility costs and save the $5,000 on install.  We have never done this before, but thought it was worth a try.  With this option we could get up and running in less than a week.

With that decision the plant will be turned off on Friday December 4th, the heat turned down and let “Mother Nature” keep our ice frozen till we are able to enjoy the sport we love again in the New Year.   We will adjust as more information becomes available we will keep all of you updated.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office.

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