I hope everyone is enjoying the month of September; however, it is coming to that time of year when the curling leagues at the Sutherland Curling Club will begin.  Here is a list of the starting dates for each league;

Thursday 6:30 and 8:45 League – September 24th.
Monday 6:30 League – September 28th.
Monday U of S Campus Rec 8:45 – October 19th.
Tuesday Morning League – September 29th.
Tuesday 6:30 & 8:45 Leagues – September 29th.
Wednesday FOG League – September 30th.
Wednesday Ladies League – September 30th.
Thursday FOG – October 1st.
Thursday Afternoon League – October 1st.
Friday FOG League – October 2nd.
Session 1 – 646 League – October 16th.
Junior Learn to Curl Tuesday – October 13th.
Junior Learn to Curl Wednesday – October 14th.

These are new leagues to the Sutherland and will be starting after the Thanksgiving Long weekend.
Friday Night Open League 6:30 p.m. – Formally the TYC League.
The Sutherland has been asked to take over administration of this league going forward.
The registration will be open as soon as we make contact with all of the teams that participated in the league previously. We will not be starting this league until after the Thanksgiving Long weekend to give the club time to see which teams are still coming back and to find teams to fill the league if necessary.  Once we know how many teams will be returning, we will then open up registration for the open spots. 
Open Doubles – Wednesday 8:45 p.m. – 3 Sheets.

Open Triples – 3 Sheets.
A short run down on triples is as follows;

  • 3 player teams
  • Rotate positions every end (learn all positions).
  • 3 – 2 end games (6 ends)
  • Points awarded per 2 ends.
  • Only 6 rocks thrown.
  • Great way to learn the game of curling.

Please go to Curl Canada Triples Curling for more information on triples curling.







Monday 6:30 -1 Team.

Tuesday 9:15 a.m. – 6 Teams

Tuesday 8:45 p.m – 5 Teams.

Wednesday Open Doubles – 6 Teams.

Wednesday Open Triples – 6 Teams.

Thursday Fog – 1 Team.

Thursday Afternoon  – 4 Teams.

Friday 6:30 Open League – If interested please call the club to get your name on a list.

Friday 646 – 10 Teams.

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