About Us

We are a curling club based in the Sutherland area of Saskatoon Saskatchewan. We have been at our current location for over 50 years with roots dating back over 100. With members from all around Saskatoon and surrounding area so our roots are strong. We have had many champions at our club on the provincial, national, and even world level, but the Sutherland Curling Club is welcoming to all levels of curling.

We are a non-profit group run by volunteer board members. We have a strong focus on the community and strive to promote curling in Saskatoon.

We also offer rentals during the curling season and off-season. > Learn More

The Sutherland Curling Club was founded over 100 years ago and has been at celebrated our 50th anniversary at our current location in 2015. The club has a long standing history in the community and will always be home to the friendly curler. That said, we have had our fair share of champions come from our small town club in the big city.